Team James or Team Curry, Find Out Who We Are Excited About For AllStar Weekend 2018


With the reserves finally being released on Tuesday evening, it’s time for our thoughts on the
2018 All Star Game participants. In case you haven’t heard, the NBA decided to switch things
up for this year’s ASG. In the past, the game pitted the Eastern Conference All Stars vs. The
Western Conference All Stars. However, over concerns about the lack of competitiveness of the
game, the NBA decided to make the game more intriguing in hopes of elevating the level of
This year, the top two vote getters in each conference, LeBron James and Steph Curry, were
selected as captains. James and Curry are each tasked with drafting their teams from a pool of
23 additional players. James and Curry must first draft a starting lineup by picking from a pool of
8 players who were the top vote-getters in each conference. These players are as follows:

● Giannis Antetokounmpo
● DeMar DeRozan
● Kyrie Irving
● Joel Embiid
● Kevin Durant
● James Harden
● DeMarcus Cousins
● Anthony Davis

LeBron has the first selection in this year’s draft because he received more All Star Votes than
Curry. It’s gonna be interesting to see if LeBron selects former teammate Kyrie Irving with the
top selection. Whatever he decides to do might be an indicator of how deep the beef is between
them. LeBron has said “We’ll see” when questioned about taking Kyrie with the top pick, and
Kyrie has said that he won’t be bitter if LeBron doesn’t pick him. Personally, I think there’s some
hostility between the two, and I don’t thin LeBron selects him. I also think it would be dope for
the fans to see LeBron and Kyrie go head to head on a few possessions. Just picturing Kyrie
signaling for an iso as LeBron gets put on an island without any help defense gets me excited.

After selecting their starting fives, Curry and LeBron will then move on to picking their bench
from the list of the 14 reserves that were announced on Tuesday. Looking at this list, I think all
of the guys are well deserving of an All Star Nod.

● Damian Lillard
● Jimmy Butler
● Klay Thompson
● Draymond Green
● Karl Anthony Towns
● Russell Westbrook
● LaMarcus Aldridge
● Kristaps Porzingis
● Kyle Lowry
● Kevin Love
● Bradley Beal
● John Wall
● Al Horford
● Victor Oladipo


The biggest snubs in this year’s game have got to be Lou Williams, Andre Drummond, Ben
Simmons, and Chris Paul. Lou Williams (23.3 ppg, 5.1 assists) absolutely carried the Clippers
when Blake Griffin and Danilo Gallinari went down, and Drummond is a freaking monster

averaging 14.3 points and 15 rebounds. Simmons has been carrying the 76ers night in and
night out since Embiid only plays in so many games and averages a near triple double (16.3
ppg, 7.2 assists, 7.9 rebounds). The Rockets are 23-5 when Chris Paul (19.1 ppg, 8.9 assists,
5.9 rebounds) plays and the only seemingly knock on him is that he hasn’t played enough
(although Embiid has only played in six more games). The most questionable selections might
be Kyle Lowry, Draymond Green, Kevin Love, and Al Horford, but looking at their numbers and
team success, there really isn’t an argument to be made.

The player im most looking forward to watching is the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo..
Giannis is an absolute matchup nightmare for anyone in the league, and I’m excited to see how
he plays in his second all star game now that the All Star jitters should be gone. We all know
how much little defense is played in these games, so Giannis should treat us to at least a few
plays that make us question the very definition of “humanly possible”.


Stay tuned for our coverage and predictions for the Slam Dunk Contest and Three Point