15 Surprising Facts about Comedy’s Next Star, Sam Morrill

You might recognize him from “America’s Got Talent,” “Conan,” “Late Night with Stephen Colbert,” “People Talking Sports,” or maybe even you’re seen him on stage at the Comedy Cellar. But whether you know him or not, comic Sam Morril is about to be a household name.

Here are 15 fun facts about the rising star:

1. He comes from a family of lawyers

2. His first stand-up gig was at age 18.
“That’s young for comedy…you’re not even allowed in the venues!”

3. He thought he would make it earlier.


“In my head I thought it’d be much easier to than it is so be a comic. I didn’t think it was easy but I thought I would have a splash a little more quickly and it took me a while to get anywhere.”


4. He credits Laughing Skull Festival as his big break.
“Winning it was pretty big because the prize is basically a year’s worth of road work. I basically became a working comic overnight.”

5. He doesn’t recommend working as a caterer.

“I worked at a catering company for a month and I remember buying a suit and then I didn’t make money doing it. It wasn’t a good investment.”

6. He loves New York
“It’s part of me, the city. I’m very New York I think in how I act.”

7. He hates L.A.


“I don’t like L.A. I don’t like the comedy scene out there. I don’t think the comics are good out there.”

8. He is an academic….kind of.
“I tutored for like a year through a program. I was so bad at it, it’s embarrassing. Kids would ask me stuff and I’d be like ‘that’s a great question, sorry I have to go to the bathroom.’ And then I’d look it up and be like ‘wait you didn’t know that?’ I’d shame them too.”

9. The Knicks are his favorite team

10. He hosts a sports talk show on MSG Network

11. He’s opened for Amy Schumer and considers her a good friend


“Amy’s got all the pressure on her because she’s doing the hour or whatever. I go up for fifteen minutes and just have fun. She’s so cool, she’s just like ‘do whatever you want.’ It’s 12,000 people sometimes. That’s pretty insane. She’s so generous. I just got a good vibe from her. She’s just a real fucking person. she’s just always been very sincere. She just is who she is. There’s nothing fake about her.”

12. His favorite club is in Madison, Wisconsin.
“Certain clubs just do it the right way and [this club] does it the right way…they just make you feel valued. We don’t have a high bar as comics; I’ve played every shithole you can imagine. I’ve done a show in a grocery store, I’ve done a show in every bad venue. So when you do a show and you feel like you’re valued, you feel it. And that club is great in Madison. It’s a college town, they’re smart, they get it. I love the Midwest.”

13. He doesn’t consider himself offensive, but provocative.


“I come from a world where I don’t like being politically correct. I want people to have a good time, and I want to have a good time….but I definitely poke a little bit.”

14. He has a particular drink menu: tequila soda with grapefruit, whiskey, Manhattans, or wine.

15. He has a pilot in the works.

“I feel good about it. I think people are going to be like ‘wow that’s really good.’ It’s something I put a lot of work into. With the garbage on tv, I don’t think it takes much to stand out. What, are you going to watch ‘Young Shelton’ for the rest of your life?”

Comedian Sam Morril continues to surprise, both on stage and off.