Davinci B Releases New “Belkesha Pt. 1” Music Video

Rising rapper Davinci B returns to the music scene with an impressive new visual for his “Belkesha Pt. 1” single. As he is diligently working hard to break into the mainstream, this release could not come at a better time as it showcases his raw musical gifts like never before.

In the opening moments of the “Belkesha Pt. 1” music video you will see Davinci B turning up drinking and blazing as the Belaire Blue bottle giving insight into his high pace life. As this is a nod to Moneybagg Yo hit single “Wockesha” you will hear the beat come in right ont Kent reminding you of Ashanti’s hit single “Foolish”. Both rappers sampled the R&B classic with a unique spin, making it clear that rappers have hearts too.

As Davinci repeatedly delivers bar after the bar in the studio, he sends a message to his competition that he is here to stay for the long run. You can see his true passion for rapping and making it big as he pour his heart and soul out on this record. His original tone of Voice mixed with his cutting edge style makes for a unique viewing experience on screen.

Tap below to stream Davinci B’s “Belkesha Pt. 1” music video and tap into some new trap vibes.

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