4 Unisex Fragrances He Can Steal From Her

4 Unisex Fragrances He Can Steal From Her

Have you ever been out on a weekend having a good time with your friends, and was introduced to someone for the first time. And in the midst of your first introduction to this person you are immediately interrupted by “That smell, is that you?! Goodness, what is that?” Accompanied by this stranger inching closer and closer into your personal space taking deep deliberant inhales of the notes luxury has left to roam the air, whilst attempting to nail down the correct pronunciation and spelling of the brand for later inquires? If not, here are 4 fragrances that will leave a lasting first impression for every man and woman and where to buy them.

Diptyque – Do Son Dau de Parfum

Created by well-known perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin for Diptyque in 2005, Do Son is an exotic, mysterious scent for the sophisticated. Layering inspiring floral notes of iris, tuberose and African orange flower over solid base notes of benzoin and musk, this fragrance has a moderate sillage that leaves a lasting impression without being overwhelming.

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Henry Rose

Launched in 2019, Michelle Pfeiffer’s clean fragrance range (coined Henry Rose) consists of luxury fragrances that contain non-toxic ingredients. One of the stand-out products from the stars’ unisex collection is her Torn Eau De Parfum. Formulated with gentle ingredients like vanilla bean, praline, and patchouli, this fragrance is an aromatic safety blanket. Its vanilla scent and lavender top notes work in perfect harmony creating a perfume that’s comforting while also elegant. This fragrant mist will protect you from life’s little dramas.

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Dior Spice Blend

Similar to clothes, we should wear fragrances that are suitable for the seasons. And one perfume that captures the warmth we all crave in the winter months is Dior’s Spice Blend. Characterized by its intoxicating mix of fresh spices (cinnamon and ginger), this balmy fragrance takes you on an olfactory journey, one that will distract you from the qualms of everyday life. Its fusion of aged rum and ginger evokes a feeling of warmth that can only be found in quaint English countryside pubs and will make the donning of your first turtleneck of the season all the more special.

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Le Labo Santal 33

There’s nothing worse than a fragrance losing its once plentiful aroma before you’ve even left the house. With Le Labo’s Santal 33 Perfume, though, there’s no need to worry, as this is one scent that stands the test of time come, wind, rain, or snow. This heady concoction mixes floral notes of iris and violet and contrasts them with spice-infused sandalwood and cedarwood, evoking a warm feeling comparable to a “soft drift of smoke,” per the brand’s website.  In Layman’s terms, it’s an inviting campfire.

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