Brooklyn Based Duo Hippie Tribe Delivers Latest Project

Brooklyn Based Duo Hippie Tribe Delivers Latest Project

Alternative two-piece Hippie Tribe, consisting of dp.thuH and blond.bomber, return with their brand new ethereal project release Gullah Punk: mod 1’ which is surely set to see them gain widespread acclaim. 

Vibrantly original and untethered to any specific genre, Hippie Tribe’s latest is out everywhere September 10th, via their record label, OTOLO Records in conjunction with Vendng Machine Records.

Gullah Punk: mod 1, consisting of, two blood bubbling, punk-rap/Afro-Cubano fused anthems, comes as the first tantalizing capsule of the next musical experience from the dyad. The upcoming installments will be coupled with a series of film shorts, drawing on the warm glow of the 70’s afro-kung fu film craze that swept through Black America, to depict some of the micro and macro-aggressions plaguing the Black community. Hippie Tribe has gathered an impressive core fanbase who are chomping at the bit for their next release, you don’t want to miss this one. Streaming on platforms now!


~ Listen Now – Gullah Punk: mod 1 ~

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