Martin Yates Delivers Highly Anticipated Single “Let You Go”

Martin Yates Delivers Highly Anticipated Single “Let You Go”

Back with his first release in 8 months, Martin Yates returns with the highly anticipated new single “Let You Go“. A collaborative effort with London based production trio, LLR Music. Departing from his niche production style, Yates shows his versatility while maintaining his classic songwriting style of honest lyrics from everyday experiences within relationships. 

Let You Go” is the third installment from the debut EP, “NW6”, to be released January 28th 2022. The single follows the hugely successful singles “Let Your Love”, which was followed by an acoustic rendition under the same name, accumulating over 24,000 Spotify Streams since their release in late October 2020. Emotion-stirring ballad “Yesterday” was to follow which received extreme support from both U.K and U.S based radio stations. 

Experimenting with new production styles, “Let You Go” sees Yates enter a new era of confidence and honesty through his writing style that his fan base have been waiting to see. Martin Yates is known for delving into the depths of his life experiences to write relatable songs that apply to his generation, and generations to come. 

Let You Go” is available now on all major streaming platforms. 

Martin Yates – Let You Go

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