#8 vs #24: Which Kobe are you rocking with?

The Los Angeles Lakers recently made headlines by choosing to retire both of Kobe Bryant’s jerseys, making Kobe the only player in NBA history to have two numbers retired. Apparently it was too tough of a job to decide which number to retire, but it’s hard to knock the Laker’s decision as #8 and #24 were practically the same meticulous assassins. The numbers are shockingly similar, and both careers are worthy of a Hall of Fame nod.

Personally, I’m rocking with #8. I know the career numbers and averages side with #24, but there is no #24 without #8!  Kobe’s legacy was born while he was wearing #8 and the league got its first taste of the Mamba in that jersey.  Kobe entered the league as a young bull straight out of high school and went toe to toe with some of the all time greats. He became the youngest All Star in league history in ‘98, and absolutely got after it with the GOAT Michael Jordan without any fear.  We are talking about afro Kobe right here.  It doesn’t get any more cold blooded than that.  And as if he needed one final signature game, Kobe dropped in a cool 81 against the Raptors in his last season wearing #8.  When I think of the deadly killer that Kobe was, I picture him donning the vintage #8 as he calls game with a fadeaway jumper. 


Which Kobe are you taking?