Adidas’ Recent Success a Sign of Things to Come?

Adidas recently surpassed the Jordan Brand as the second biggest U.S. sneaker brand. This accomplishment really speaks to the company’s devoted approach to rejuvenate the shoe game with creativity and innovation. Adidas definitely deserves a round of applause for turning a bleak situation a few years ago into a promising future.  In 2015, Under Armour made more money in both sneaker and apparel sales than Adidas. As a major player in the basketball shoe game, you definitely do not want to fall behind Under Armour in sales. We know that Steph Curry rocks with Under Armour, but come on, those high top Charge sneakers look like moon shoes! But seriously, props to Adidas for being the only major company to experience recent growth in the basketball shoe market. They brought a fresh approach that the shoe game needed, and it really resonated with fans as Adidas was up 40 percent in August. The Yeezy Line, Ultra Boosts, NMD’s and XPLR training shoes have given Adidas a new, unique image that may have them neck and neck with NIKE for years to come.  

But the real question is, are you believing the hype?  Can Adidas sustain this level of sales, firmly retain their lead over the Jordan Brand, and challenge NIKE as the leading brand? Or is this just a trend that will quickly fade? The real answer is that there isn’t one, at least not yet. The shoe game is totally unpredictable, evident in the fact that Adidas was struggling mightily two years ago and is now a top player. Personally, I think that their numbers tell a story, and that story is that Adidas is here to stay. I rock with a lot of Adidas footwear and apparel, and have never been disappointed. Their products create a fresh look, very distinct from the more traditional approach of the Jordan Brand, that the younger generation can really relate. The Jordan Brand will always be around and will always be a lucrative brand simply because Michael Jordan was the GOAT, but with young stars like Damian Lillard, Brandon Ingram, Joel Embiid, Jaylen Brown, James Harden, and Kyle Lowry, Adidas has the potential to continue to make big noise with their new novel approach. 

So, do you believe the hype?