DJ ECOOL Talks Music And Fashion

By | Samantha Bergeson

You don’t know what cool is until you hear Afrobeat artist DJ ECOOL. Based in Atlanta, ECOOL spins his Nigerian roots into each catchy song reggae-cool song. The international star first moved from his home of Nigeria after graduating high school in 2003, first to London then New York. But after visiting his aunt in Atlanta, ECOOL decided to settle with residencies at a variety of clubs.

ECOOL has always been an artist. He started playing drums at age five; his percussion interest led into a “DJ artist type thing.” ECOOL started in 2005 but seriously pursued the trade in 2008. “I really got into it,” ECOOL said in an exclusive interview with Vendng Machine.

ECOOL incorporates modern rhythm to an authentic African sound, showcasing his roots in each song. “You’ll hear everything from hip-hop, Afrobeats, pop, R&B, everything,” ECOOL said. “I’ll take you all around the world in one play.”

ECOOL has worked with artists such as Wizkid, 2Face, and Ludacris, and most notably collaborated with Davido for his breakout mixtape “Back From Lagos VOL 4”. The two have toured internationally together, complementing one another’s beats. ECOOL and Davido have a joint show in New York City on July 22.

ECOOL’s influences range from Jay-Z to Usher, who he hopes to work with in the future. “I like how Puff Daddy carries himself,” ECOOL added, not one to forget the style element of the music industry.

Although a well-loved DJ– ECOOL was nominated for “Best World DJ” at the 2011 Nigerian Entertainment Awards–he prides himself on his transparency with fans. ECOOL write all of his own blog posts, read by his 80,000 followers. He even posts comedic Instagram videos to promote his brand.

Yet ECOOL’s true passion is fashion; the DJ has modeled for a variety of outlets, and boasts his outfit selections on his blog with professional photoshoots around city landmarks. “I’m really interested in style. More than the music and everything else, I just like to look good,” ECOOL said. The international element transcends more than just DJ beats for ECOOL. He credits his “good blend” of fashion to traveling around the world for shows. “I just want people to be able to see me and like me just for my style,” ECOOL said.

DJ ECOOL recently released his latest single “Give Dem,” which he describes as his biggest song yet. His inspiration for the track was his familial cultural background mixed American pop culture. “I just did a fusion, afro-fusion Carribbean thing,” ECOOL said.

“Give Dem” is off of his upcoming “world” album. ECOOL is collaborating with artists around the world to create a unique sound that transcends genre.

In the meantime, though, catch DJ ECOOL spinning while on tour. “I’m guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor,” ECOOL said.