EaSway Talks EP, Art in Exclusive Interview

Intellectual and rapper don’t usually go hand-in-hand. But good luck trying to find another way to describe Los Angeles-based rapper EaSway, who drops his first [ … ]

´╗┐Old School: Vinyl Me, Please Releases 100 Albums to Own

By | Samantha Bergeson The online vinyl subscription service Vinyl Me, Please just issued their first self-titled book, “Vinyl Me Please: 100 Albums to Own [ … ]

Gorillaz Return With New Album: “Humanz” and Demon Dayz Fest

by| Jordan Hall Gorillaz have returned after a long absence from the music scene with another heavily casted album. Collaborators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett [ … ]

Low-End Trends: Is Bass Changing Music?

  Everybody loves bass. It’s scientifically proven that bass frequencies are audibly pleasing to the human ear. In fact, we like it so much that [ … ]

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