Playing on the Bleachers: Lena Dunham Directs Music Video

By | Samantha Bergeson

Catchy pop group Bleachers just released their latest video for single “Don’t Take the Money.” The music video played more like a short film, complete with an elaborate theatrical plot. Cultural powerhouse writer and actress Lena Dunham–also lead singer Jack Antanoff’s girlfriend–directed the piece. As one review describes, it’s “The Graduate meets Jonathan Demme’s Rachel Getting Married meets the films of Wes Anderson—on acid.”

This is the first project Dunham has worked on following the wrapping of HBO hit show Girls. 

“Don’t Take the Money” follows Antanoff as a gaudy groom in a bedazzled military outfit. He discusses his fears with Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat before the wedding, and they comically argue about whether or not the bride speaks English. As the ceremony begins, the camera follows the bride, revealing a thin man with clown-like makeup. The scene then spans to show that all of the wedding guests are actually mannequins. As the service continues and vows read, the bride’s former boyfriend, donning a black S&M costume, punches Antanoff and runs away with him. All of this is happening with corset-clad and high-heeled men surrounding Antanoff, who sits atop a golden throne.

Dunham has directed a variety of Girls episodes, but this is her first music video and first public collaboration with her boyfriend Antanoff. What else can you expect from such a funky couple?


Check out the video: