REVIEW: Emeli Sande – Long Live The Angels (by Martin Yates)

by Martin Yates (@martinrymusic)

If Emeli Sande‘s 2012 debut was anything to go by, then we all knew that her first record in 4 years was going to be phenomenal.
Long Live The Angels‘ is the follow up to her classic debut.Emeli Sande

First single ‘Hurts‘ certified that the new record was going to be classic Sande, with a more mature sound and growth beyond belief. The first single can only be described as a masterpiece.The album explores the highs and lows of a mature relationship,¬†with tracks such as ‘Give Me Something’ and ‘Every Single Little Piece’ being the centre point for that subject.Delving even deeper into topics such as lonliness and abandoment, song like ‘Lonely’ and ‘Sweet Architect‘ which exposes her extrodinary talent for songwriting, and speaking of millions of peoples situations while in the process.

The record features a gospel flare throughout, in which Emeli explored during the album making and even going back to her roots in Zambia. That influence is evident in tracks such as ‘Selah’ and ‘Tenderly’ which features The Serenje Choir and even her father Joel Sande.

Although Emeli Sandethe album focuses on the despair and sadness felt whilst in a relationship, Emeli puts that message across in many forms within the record.
Tracks like ‘Kung Fu’ and ‘Garden’ which features Jay Electronica and Aine Zion see Emeli exploring Hip-Hop within the production side of things which brings a fresh new approach to her music.

Overall, my favorite record of the year which will prove to be extremely popular globally. It’s great to have Emeli Sande back in our ears with a project that can only be decribed as timeless.

Stand-outs; Hurts, Right Now, Shakes, Sweet Architect, Every Single Little Piece, Highs & Lows and Happen.