Samsung Throws Shade at Apple

We all know the seemingly never-ending universal debates. Coke or Pepsi? Chocolate or Vanilla? PC or Mac? Marvel or DC? We all pick a side and boldly stand behind our beliefs, never coming to a consensus agreement. But one, rather new millennial debate may soon have a collective answer. That’s right, the old iPhone vs. Android argument. With Apple releasing their new iPhone X in early November, Samsung saw an opportunity to take a shot at their longtime rival. Samsung released a commercial titled “Growing Up” in which they urge customers to switch to Android phones by pointing out the various flaws with iPhones. In the process, Samsung reignited the iPhone vs. Android debate, but may have also hinted at a possible answer as to the best smartphone.

Samsung is clearly punching Apple right in the gut here. They poke fun at Apple for always hyping up their new iPhone releases, but they also play off of some real issues. Apple’s inability to consistently deliver customer satisfaction is real and the various examples in the commercial certainly resonate with us. We’ve all tried to take a photo only to be told there is not enough storage. Or suffered irreversible water damage. And of course the huge crisis that Apple created when they did away with the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. While Android users certainly experience some of the issues (Samsung and Apple are practically tied in customer satisfaction ratings) it seems that iPhone errors are more pronounced and critiqued in the public eye. Smartphone users are definitely taking notice too, as Forbes reports that Samsung sold more smartphones than any other company in the first quarter of 2017.

While the market share will certainly continue to fluctuate-Apple may very well regain the lead as the top smartphone vendor- Samsung will still be a winner. ¬†Samsung finesses Apple in the whole smartphone industry. ¬†For every iPhone X that Apple sells, Samsung will be paid $110. Samsung’s component division is the only manufacturer that can make the various light display diodes and memory devices that Apple needs for its phones. Even if the iPhone X outsells the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung will be making millions off of Apple. Let that sink in. So maybe it’s time for everyone to make the switch, even reluctant iPhone-for-life users (like most of us at VendngMachine). Maybe not.

What’s your call?