Stone Island Welcomes Science and Innovation in New Limited Edition Research Series

By | Hasan Dirton

What if I told you that science is becoming the cultural zeitgeist for the future of fashion? Designers and Industry leaders are taking massive initiatives to find, and create more sustainable fabrics that can be used in ready-to-wear pieces. These initiatives

can be seen in the newest release from Stone Island, who have created a new series of outerwear that can be seen in 50 different color ways.

The Prototype Research Series 02 Garment Dyed Dyneema® – Limited Edition concept is a series featuring reversible jackets made from a strong, durable, lightweight fiber called Dyneema®. Dyneema® is an extremely light, yet incredibly strong flexible composite fabric, that has a heightened level of tear, puncture, and abrasion performance. Stone Island created a massive array of color ways for the concept. By binding the Dyneema® technology with a nylon tela fiber, the pieces is capable of holding dye and can be manipulated into a color of your choosing. The nylon tela fiber is extremely light weight just as the Dyneema® fiber it’s bond to.

The garments are created using the cut and sew technique, with the seams sealed by Dyneema® re-enforced tape. According to the site, these products will be made available at the end of April. Visit to learn more and purchase the product.