Teasley: Summer’s Breakout Star

By | Samantha Bergeson

The perfect summer combination for Los Angeles singer Teasley will always be pineapples and good vibes. And who is Teasley he you might wonder? Well, he’s your new favorite chill artist (you can thank us later).

Teasley grew up singing Michael Jackson and Usher for fun, but began seriously making music in 2016. The sensual star writes his own songs fittingly while at the beach or even working out. “I like to write in the gym, oddly enough,” Teasley told us in an exclusive interview. “I’ve written some of my favorite songs on the leg machine.”

The dance-friendly beats and catchy hooks add a sexy vibe to Teasley’s tracks. “I want people to feel good, free, and like they can do anything,” Teasley said.

His smooth voice and timely drops makes it seem like Calvin Harris and Drake had a love child. Yet his inspirations draw from more classic stars like Will Smith and Bruno Mars.

Songs like “Runaway” echo the carefree nature of pool parties, but Teasley goes deeper with tracks like “Feeling Better,” conjuring a more reflective slower Flume-like feel. You’ll want to crank up Teasley’s EP Feeling Better as you drive along the coastline this summer.

Looking to the future, Teasley hopes to tailor his passion. “I plan my music reaches even more people all over the world, and to be an even better musician,” he said. The aspiring actor also looks to collaborate with Beyonce, Janet Jackson or Kanye West.

Quite simply, though, Teasley wants to inspire happiness with others. “I want my music to be the soundtrack to a great life,” Teasley said. And the breakout sensation does just that.

Check out his music | soundcloud.com/itsteasley