Top 5 Fall Brands 2017

Anti Social Social Club




Drawing inspiration from his depression and dark thoughts, Neek Lurk developed Anti Social Social Club as a lifestyle brand for the “weird kids who get turned away from the parties”. Lurk’s clothing line has managed to build plenty of hype over the past year and a half as he continues to draw from the negativity in his life.  Anti Social Social Club clothing line is currently sold out, in part because of endorsements from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber, so be sure to grab your hoodie or tee when the fall collection is released. I love the fact that something so creative was born out of the mind of a depressed man and that so many people love it.  It’s crazy to think that there can be so much creativity trapped in a dark mind.



Just a little more than a year old, ROKIT is the first streetwear brand to successfully combine the hardwood with the half pipe. That’s right, ROKIT blends basketball and skateboarding to create a fashionable streetwear brand that founder Nico Guardalabene believes creates meaning beyond the clothing. Partially inspired by Japanese minimalism, ROKIT has already seen their brand take off in skateboarding and basketball communitie.  As a baller, I really like the idea that ROKIT is attacking with this concept.  The orange on black aesthetic is a real nice touch and you don’t have to have a real crazy personality to pull their designs off.


Evoke Socks



Founded by former professional basketball player Andreas Schreiber, these luxury men’s socks are made from 80 percent cashmere. Inspired by innovative artists at the top of their industries, Evoke Socks are designed for the fashionably bold.  I was able to get my hands on a few pairs of these and let me tell you, they are the real deal. If you want to make a statement with your feet this fall, go cop a pair of these custom socks ASAP.


Nervous Juvenile


Emerging from the west coast punk subculture, Nervous Juvenile capitalizes on the current  youth culture with provocative designs. The brand offers a variety of innovative pieces complete with authentic needlepoint patches and explicit screen-prints.  While I’m not sure that I would rock any of their concerts, Nervous Juvenile definitely makes me feel some type of way with their designs. That “know who you are at every age” hoodie really gets the thoughts to flow.


Oree NYC



This outerwear company based out of NYC creates unique collections designed specifically for the fall season. Collaborating with Japanese retailers, Oree offers luxury lambskin leather biker jackets, outer coats, and sweatshirts.  Oree has quietly began attracting high profile attention, including Brooklyn born rapper Fabolous who has been spotted donning Oree in public.  While I personally wouldn’t wear something like this, especially the biker jacket, I can see how Oree’s almost Kanye-esqu style appeals to the masses.