VM REVIEW | DC4 Meek Mill by DJCPO



It’s been a great hoodie season for hip-hop, with new releases by some of our most respected street artists like, Young Jeezy, and up and coming Dave East. Meek MillWe even have new music from Styles P. The streets can’t complain about the quality of the work either. Everyone has been stepping up to the plate and delivering those BARS. However, none of these releases have been more anticipated, and celebrated, than Meek Mill’s DC4.

Obviously, his feud with Drake has peaked the interest of new listeners, and lit a flame under existing fans waiting for Meek’s official return. 4/4 was great! Actually I don’t think it got the acclaim it deserved, but we still wanted a complete project. He doesn’t disappoint on this album, but he doesn’t really surprise us with much either. It’s got feature’s from today’s Meek Millmost relevant artists like Tory Lanes, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and French Montana..this was expected. The first track, “On The Regular”, samples Carl Orff – O Fortuna, and reminds me of “Intro” from DC 1 and 2, just not as good. This song is exactly what it says, regular. In Meek’s defense, he’s competing against himself when it comes to “Intro”. Tony Story 3, was a nice addition, since we missed an episode on the last album. “Shine” has great substance, and offers an alternative Meek Mill sound, which he pulled off well in my opinion. “Litty” is a mixshow/club banger with a very spirited feature by Tory Lanes.

Overall, the beat selection is excellent, and lyrics are pretty much what you’d expect from Meek Mill. The Dreamchasers series has been extremely inspirational for up and coming artists, because he constantly reminds us that he only had one dollar to his name and was able to triumph. On “The Difference” he makes some clever references, that may be aimed at Drake, but it’s really the beat and cadence that make it a dope trap record.

The worst part about this album is Nicki Minaj’s verse, and I’m a Nicki Minaj fan. I’m surprised he allowed Meek Millher verse to make the album. Her singing was good but the rap verse didn’t hold up to Meek and Uzi. “2012 I was ballin like Tom Brady then, ” (Just forced it in there..something Jay gets away with from time to time). Actually, I don’t like the hook either..It may grow on me..idk. Meek must really love this girl… I give DC4 7.5 out of 10. If 4/4 were on this album I would probably give it a 9. {shrugs}