Warriors Durant Unveils Oakland Courts

By | Samantha Bergeson

It’s the NBA Championships which means game parties, bets, and of course, Warriors vs. Cavaliers. What else did you expect?

But Warriors forward Kevin Durant is bringing more than just his all-star skills to the court this year. Durant recently unveiled four new basketball courts at Lincoln Square Park in Oakland as part of his “Build It and They Will Ball” program with the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. Durant himself was even at the ribbon-cutting opening day ceremony for the park, where 200 Oakland children participated in a basketball clinic with the star. Durant called the experience “a great honor.”

“This program means a lot to me and I’m proud that I can help the next generation of kids chase their dreams on new, fresh courts,” Durant said.

Yet Durant isn’t just stopping in his new town of Oakland. The program is expanding to New York City and Delhi, India. Previous “Build It and They Will Ball” courts were erected in Durant’s hometown of Pleasant, Maryland, as well as Oklahoma City where he played for the Thunder.

Durant is not only a beast on the court, but a force in the charity game. He even made a notable $57,000 donation last December to a school for homeless youth in Oklahoma City after leaving the Thunder for the Warriors.

The free agent brings his compassion and skill to the court. What else can you ask for in a champion?